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peercheque backs teams at the inception stage of their startup adventures, often partnering from the -1 to 0 phase itself.

This is the stage of deterministic ideation where you are convinced your next step in life is to startup.
It is a process where you figure out everything you could do and build conviction on the idea that you choose to do for the next decade of your life.

We are operators who have built & scaled several multi-million dollar Internet businesses over the past decade.

Aakrit Vaish
Miten Sampat


Yash Desai, Manish Shara

We approached Miten when Onecode was literally an idea on paper. He worked with us through the initial phase and without him the fundraise wouldn’t have happened. In addition to Aakrit’s practical operator knowledge, they truly are “angels” for the Indian startup ecosystem. raises $45M in Series A Funding from Growth Capital

Brijraj Bhuptani

Given my successful past association with both Miten and Aakrit, they were one of the first few people I called when I decided to start again. Their background as successful entrepreneurs and operators gives them a natural tendency to think entrepreneur first. Additionally good business instincts and a pulse for trends positions them well to give ideas and insights which can unlock early stage growth. I am grateful to have them on my cap table again and will encourage all entrepreneurs to do the same. raises $175M in Series A Funding Advent International

Adi Vora, Jakob Rost, Chiragh Kirpalani, Alex Jatra

Miten & Aakrit were one of the first angels to back us. More than investors, they are advisors who have helped across fundraising, hiring, GTM and in general many day to day Q&A while building Ayoconnect. Always available when we need them! raises $13M in in Series A funding round

Hitesh Kakrani, Dr Jatin Kakrani

Aakrit was literally one of our first believers. He has been a guiding light through the journey of building Smiles, and one of my first calls when stuck with something. The harder and more sensitive the problem, the more I tend to call on Aakrit & Miten. raises $23M in Series A Funding from Growth Capital

Prashant Sachan

Aakrit & Miten come with deep experiences in building as well as investing in early stage businesses. Investors who have been operators themselves are rare finds, and they stand strong with operators while they figure out. Conversations with them offer rich practical perspectives, I fondly remember my chat with Aakrit where he was telling me why good HR and finance folks should be every founders first few hires! If they come and offer you money, take it.

AppsForBharat raises $10 million from Elevation Capital, others
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We love working with ambitious founders who are building technology companies with unbounded market & roadmap potential.

Cheque Size
Investment Stage
Pre-Idea, Idea, Pre-Seed and Seed
SaaS, FinTech, AI, Consumer

Our Values

We want to work with founders and help them build, scale and accelerate ideas into generational defining ventures
We want to work with aspiring founders and help them decide where to meaningfully spend time
We want to act as a thought partner to increase the founders odds of being correct

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the -1 to 0 stage?
-1 to 0 is the most important process in the company building process.It is the stage where you are convinced that your next stage of life will be starting up but you’re still figuring out everything around it. There is no playbook for this stage, hence it requires a lot of patience and time and cannot be rushed.
When is the right time to reach out to us?
We are happy to speak with operators, engineers and students who are brainstorming on multiple ideas or founders who are raising at an idea, pre-product, pre-seed stage.
How can you engage with us?
There are multiple ways to engage with us

If you are in the -1 to 0 stage of life and are actively trying to figure out which idea you want to peruse, you can be a part of the peercheque origins program or you can join jampad to brainstorm on ideas with high quality peers.

Alternatively, if you’re already in the fund raising mode, we partner with select entrepreneurs who are not a part of our program. We write cheques up to Rs 4Cr in the pre-seed/ seed stage.
How is inception stage investing different?
Traditional early stage investing is centered around the founder along with some sort of traction. This traction can be in the form existing revenues or an idea/ prototype validated by customers. Investors expect the founders to have already done some work or gathered some insights. The investment decisions are quick - highly driven by thesis and, at times, hype cycles.

Inception stage investing isn’t obvious and it’s an emergent process. It requires time. It’s centered around the potential and capability of a person to figure out. We understand the chaos of this process and partner with future founders to help them build their life’s work.
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