From Idea to Inception: Your -1 to 0 peers

peercheque origins is a program designed to help you build conviction in your idea, the market opportunity, and most importantly, in you.

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We believe that great ideas are born out of a series of unintended consequences coming together. It's a highly unpredictable process and is filled with infinite chaos. Therefore, every aspect of your beginning will have an immense impact on what you'll build.

We call this the -1 to 0 stage of starting up.

This phase is about building enough conviction in an idea and your vision of it. It’s about deciding whether you want to build a company or not. It’s about finding the right co-founders to do it. It’s asking all the hard questions right up front.

We want to partner with you to make it happen.

Structure of the program



You can become a part of peercheque Origins with or without an idea. We have a ready list of problems & ideas we are continuously iterating on.

You can still be working somewhere while exploring your startup idea with us.

There is no formal “selection” process. Reach out to us, let’s have a couple of conversations, and if we hit it off, let’s go!

DAY 1-30


1 hour weekly sync with peercheque.

WhatsApp group set up.

Minimum 10 high quality customer or expert conversations.

Fine tuning of the idea.

If we are successful, the end outcome of this stage will be a document explaining the company we are trying to build, along with a working name.

DAY 30-90


Build the lightest version of something that can actually be tested with customers.

Fine tuning of the business model and problem statement.

Not all startups here will require 60 days, some significantly less / some significantly more.

If we are successful, the end outcome of this stage will be an investor pitch deck defining the exact amount we want to raise, along with peercheque commitment to invest.

DAY 90-120

Seed Fundraise

Introductions to the right set of potential investors.

Framing the pitch, coaching & iterating through the process.

High velocity regular catch ups and discussions.

If we are successful, the end outcome will be a successful fundraise.

DAY 120 & Beyond


Monthly meetings to discuss GTM, strategy, product, company building.

Making introductions as relevant: Customers, Candidates, Investors.

Coach for life :)

Who should join us


you have multiple ideas and are looking for your ideal fit.


you have an insight which requires further fine-tuning.


you have no ideas and want to jam on it with high-quality peers.


an invite only community to jam on ideas with high-quality peers in their -1 to 0 journey.

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